I've seen some people play insanely fast and hard on acoustic guitars. Do they use the lightest strings possible? I would assume that it would hurt their fingers after a while.

Check out this video, around time 2:10-3:10.

Youtube - Superstition by Pat Monahan

I think he's pretty good, i'm going to work on trying to get as good as him. Can anyone else play that fast on their acoustic?

On another note, I was wondering if anyone uses ******* to keep track of their tabs/music. My friend said it was pretty good, I was wondering if anyone else uses it or just sticks to Ultimate-Guitar.com and bookmark them.

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Its very much possible, just takes pretty damn good technique and a lot of practice. I can't do play that well or fast, but my excuse is I haven't actually been playing for that long and I don't get as much time as I would like to sit down and have a good play.
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In response to your question... yes and no. I would say that it is definitely possible to play as fast on an acoustic as you can on an electric... but you can make it sound way faster on electric. The sustain and feedback that you can get from electric guitars allow you to produce much faster audible runs on an electric. Techniques like tapping are much more easily performed and effectively implemented on an electric guitar because of the sustain and feedback you can derive and control from electric guitar pickups. You can absolutely do tapping or anything else on an acoustic guitar, but it is much harder to master on an acoustic guitar.

I can play as quickly as the guy in the video... but there are lots of guitarists that can play much, much faster than that. I've got a few friends who can completely destroy me... not to mention professional musicians like Tim Reynolds who can play extremely fast
^--- that's cool. it's neat to see players that have mastered very different right hand techniques matching and swapping riffs.
I've always been a big fan of Jimmy Rosenberg. Not only is he fast, but he's incredibly accomplished in improvisation. I would say he's one of the best Gypsy jazz improv. virtuosos alive.
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