Sorry but I don't quite get what your saying.
Do you mean that your strings are buzzing when you play?
I think you might get more replies if you explain which string(s) are buzzing and where. That would make it easier to find the cause.
That would help^.
Also, has it just started recently? what model guitar is it? If it has started recently, is there anything that happened (you dropped it? major changes in temp/humidity?) that could have affected it?
Also, it may sound silly and obvious but i have to ask anyway, is the guitar properly in tune? Do you usually keep it tuned to standard or in alternate tunings? I know sometimes I'll tune a guitar down half a step or something, put it down and not play it for a week, pick it up and not realise its not in standard. And your more likely to get buzzing if your strings are down tuned as there is less tension.
^If it did just start recently, it might just be old strings. Put on a new set and see what happens.