Hi guys,

I've searched everywhere on the internet for guitarTABS of Russell Allen and Jorn Lande (songs on the cd's 'the battle' and 'the revenge') and the band of Jorn Lande himself. I haven't found even a single one! So i ask myself, why? They are both great vocalists and the guitars in their songs rock! How can they not be famous around the world? Seriously, besides Disturbed i've never heard a band combining vocals and guitar music so perfectly! I can't imagine there is not even a single fan who can create some TABS of their great songs.

Why dont you make some tabs? I can honestly say, ive never heard of them aswell!
If I could, I'd have TABbed all their songs already I'm just suck in writing TABs.
The strange thing is that this site contains a few TABs of Masterplan, the former band in which Jorn Lande used to sing. Now he has his own band and his new songs also rock like hell, as well as the old songs he made before he entered Masterplan. But none of these songs were ever writed in TAB
Russell Allen and Jorn Lande is definitely one of my favorite bands and there guitarist whatever his name is is definitely a shred master...im dying for some tabs of any song from The Battle
I find it hard to find tabs on artists solo work, those albums are pretty underground, as ****ing awesome as they may be. It's really more vocally driven anyway, I listen to those albums to hear the two greatest singers alive rock my socks off, more so than for a couple cool guitar riffs.
Agreed. I couldn't find anything anywhere and they are def my fav bands. Jorn and Russell f-ing rule and the guitars are amazing.
I also agree. I just love Jorn Lande, and all three albums with Russell Allen are masterpieces. I can't believe there isn't any tabs out there.. I've been searching every now and then for a year, but still nothing!

If I could, I would do 'em myself.. I just don't have the skill.