What are your thoughts on the carvin vai legacy. See im thinkin of buying one and and i wanna know if there good or not, can it handle rock (think Eddie Van Halen), Blues (think Stevie Ray Vaughan) and have a good clean channel. Help me out UG!!
I mean 100 watt legacy combo btw

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i havent played through the carvin yet, i'll put that on my to do list.

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Can't say I was much impressed by this amp in particular, I found it muddy and lacking in character when plugging straigh into it and decent by frontending it with an overdrive or using it as a poweramp for a pod. The sounds I'm looking for are usually in the metal area, but even the clean sounds this sucker blasted seemed a bit flat to me. Though it has an upside, you can easily find one used at the price of a mid level solid state so even if it's no 5150 or Marshall it still has some of the growl of a good valve amp. Given this I suggest you to look around for a bargain combo or head and give it a shot.

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It's actually a rather poor amp for heavy styles without the right pedalboard, but sounds really sweet for cleans and moderate overdrive. For Van Halen etc you'd be best to setup the amp for a light crunch and use a good OD pedal, whilst for blues it should pretty decent. For the reasonable asking price it's an extremely capable amp. Also see if you can find a used Mesa Maverick, DC or F series.

Your ideal rig would be an A/B setup using something like a Fender Twin and a Marshall JCM800. Unfortunately neither of these amps would work well on it's own - the '800 has a usable clean sound but nothing great, while most Fenders get a bit harsh and raspy by the time you get to EVH levels of gain.