I know NOTHING about pickups. I have a MIM stratocaster and I guess that my pickups are bad, I just bought this one brand new so it's not one of those cool late 90's.

I was surfing on this website and I was wondering if changing my pickups would be a good idea.

What should I be looking for if so ? I play grunge, punk-rock, rock, classic rock stuff if it helps.

Thanks in advance !
have you considered seymour duncan hot rails? humbucking pickups in the size of a single coil, drop it straight in.
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Lace Sensors are great too.
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If you admittedly know nothing about pickups how can you know if they're "bad"? If it's a new guitar spend some time using it, then make an assessment of the tone - do you like it, do you not like it...if you don't like it what is it you don't like and what is it you want to change about it. Pickups may be the answer, but they may not.
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