Hi all, I'm looking for some good metal bands that have MELODIC songs and CLEAN voices... so, not death/black etc... can someone suggest me a few bands? I like Blind Guardian, Edguy, Hammerfall, Sentenced (only after the album Down, since before they were death metal) and Sonata Arctica, but I would like to know other bands.

And, second question: can someone suggest me some good metal ballads? Like Nothing
Else Matters or Fade To Black.

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Iced Earth
Dream Theater
some Opeth
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Can't believe the classics haven't been mentioned yet...

Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
Judas Priest
(I'm pretty sure you already know of Metallica since you posted those songs)

But if you want some more modern sounds I would suggest looking at...

Mastodon (some screams but not many)