Poll: What Order Should We Play Our Songs?
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Enter Sandman, Hypnotize, Iron Man
16 47%
Enter Sandman, Iron Man, Hypnotize
2 6%
Iron Man, Hypnotize, Enter Sandman
7 21%
Iron Man, Enter Sandman, Hypnotize
1 3%
Hypnotize, Enter Sandman, Iron Man
6 18%
Hypnotize, Iron Man, Enter Sandman
2 6%
Voters: 34.
Well my band and I (4 members: 2 guitarists,1 bassist, 1 drummer) signed up for the talent show.

We signed up yesterday and will be auditioning next week. We chose the songs Enter Sandman by Metallica, Hypnotize by SOAD, and probably Iron Man.

Can someone help us come up with an order for these? I will be back to check on this thread in about 6 hours.
I'd say start with Iron Man or Enter Sandman, since they're pretty well-known. Go for Hypnotize in the middle, since it kinda slows down, then whichever is left for the end.
Start strong, end strong.
dude dude definatly hypnotize first, start em off slow, the wind em up a little with sand man and then kick some balls on iron man
Which song can you play best? Ideally, you want your strongest song at the end, your second strongest at the beginning and your weakest in the middle.

Having said that, you'll probably want to put Hypnotize in the middle because it is the least well known.
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Well I know we (not including the drummer b/c the drummer hasn't really learned all of the songs fully) can play Hypnotize the best since it is fairly easy.

I know Enter Sandman is well known at my school, and I know it will be the most impacting or energetic. I'll set up a poll in case someone wants to vote.
Enter Sandman first. The guitar intro and buildup works nicely at the beginning of a set and the song itself will soon get everyone in just the right mood for your other two songs. Hypnotize in the middle because it's not as well known, then finish with Iron Man.
Even we, a Sabbath tribute band finish with Iron man (before doing War Pigs and Paranoid as an encore) because the speed up and the finishing solo towards the end of the song just lends itself superbly to an 'end of set' song.
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iron man gets ther atention hypnotized is a gap filler and then leave a great last impression with entersandman
I'd say Iron Man, then Hypnotize, and take 'em out with Sandman... (it is about sleep lol)