Not sure if this is the right forum... but anyway; it's not too bad, but there are a few things you might want to think about.
1: Work on your timing (I presume you're the bassist). In the intro of the first song, where you're playing unaccompanied, your timing is ever so slightly out. It's not usually an issue when you've got the drums, though you're a little sloppy in places. You just want to tighten it up.
2: For goddsakes, use some rhythmic variation and counterpoint! Your drummer doesn't vary his beat much at all, and often the bass simply plays the same rhythm (or part) as the guitar. It's good sometimes, but not all the time or (usually) for an entire song. If you contrast your parts more and have some counterpoint it'll help thicken and add interest to your band's sound, as will less repetitive drumming.

Those are two big things I noticed. There's probably a few other things to work on, but I'll not nitpick. Overall, though, not bad. Not bad at all. Keep it up, mate.
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