So, after months of working to not fail geometry, my mom has decided to loan me the extra money needed for a guitar (I'll pay her back, but at least I'm getting it sonner)

So, I went on GC.com today, and saw that they had the Ibanez RG5EXQM1, which I had never seen before. It's about 100 dollars less than the RG4, and I think it's just due to the maple top, and the floyd rose. I really like the RG4, but I'd love to know which one is, in fact, better.



Please help
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I'd go for the second just because I find reverse headstocks affect the tone and stability positevely. I've tried several RG's and I always prefered the ones like that, and the one I still own has a reverse headstock

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Try them out, see for yourself.

I've already tried the RG4, but the RG5 hasn't been in stock. I mean, I really like the RG4, and the FR is nice, but I was just asking if anybody has experience with both.
the RG4EXQM1 is more because it has a quilt maple top, and binding.

The RG5EX has a reverse headstock

Those are the only differences.

I own a RG4EXQM1 and I gotta say it kicks severe ass!
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a friend of mine has one. i hated it. it sounded pretty good for rock and cleans.. but for metal, it downright sucked. and i dont know whether it was the guitar or how he set up his strings, but each string felt like it was a knife's edge cutting my fingers......
I kinda want the answer to this too lolz I was looking into the 4ex or an s series but the 5 ex is also a possibility.