I need a little advice on something. I had just recieved a guitar from a friend, because he hardly uses it anymore because he has like 7 others, and he is left handed. The nut is left-handed and I am right-handed. I also need a new nut for my other guitar because it is a POS. So I need to buy a new nuts. I just have a few questions aboot buying them. What are the different kinds? Do I have to get them custom made or can I buy replacement nuts already with slots in them? I do not need advise on installing them just aboot buying them. The guitars are a standard SG and a les paul type guitar. Im looking for a nut that would give me great beautiful and great tuning. Thanks in advance and sorry aboot my unorganized thought process.
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but anyways, you should be able to buy replacement nuts at a store. what kind of nuts do you have on both guitars?
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Most places that sell guitar parts on the net will have ready slotted nuts for right handed people. I know stewmac has a good selection with lots of pics and specs to help you figure out whats best to get.
Alright, thanks again. I didnt know if you could buy pre-slotted nuts or not. But wouldn't it be hard to find the exact string heights and size needed as the originals or do they come in a lot of selections? BTW the nuts I have on now are just plastic, nothing like locking or anything. I hear graphite would be a good choice for the new nuts. Any suggestions?