Yeah me and my friend are thinking about starting a metal band and I need help on how to think of some ideas for a good metal song. I am looking for something that sounds like slipknot or metallica, so if anyone can give me some tips on how to think of something or anything like that thanks a lot.
Hey 666999ibanez,


You need a good metal guitar,

complex solo's.

Oh and I forgott lots of Power Chords!

Good Lucks!
speedy fingerwork,
sweep picking pinch harmonics 2 handed tapping, learn these and your on your way

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speedy fingerwork,
sweep picking pinch harmonics 2 handed tapping, learn these and your on your way

You forgot, he mentioned slipknot...snicker*

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bah neways... just improve overall on your guitar technique, collaberate with others, never cease to amaze yourself, theory works, and simply put learn to capture your moments of insight-idea-spur of the moment-awesome stuff that appear inside your head. once they're gone... they dont write back /sob

lots of power chords , heavy distortion , good base line , solos , shredding.


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.. well not much similar between metallica or slipknot as one of them isn't even metal (I'm not talking about metallica , sry to all the maggots out there )

well the most basic things have already been said , if you try something like metallica the song structure is very important, it's usually

(Guitar Solo 1)
(Repeat Intro)
Verse 2
(Intro again)
Verse 3

Parts in brackets are not necessary but they make the song less repetive , It is also very common to just include one long solo withou an interlude instead of splitting it up into two parts. Another Thing In Classic Heavy Metal is that there is usually used a 4-bar scheme, wich means the riffs or licks usually develop in multiples of 4 for example:

4 bars Intro
8 Bars Verse
4 Bars Bridge
8 Bars Refrain
16 Bars Solo

That's of course not a must neither but it's very common in this kind of music

The techniques used are heavily depending on the subgenre you'r playing , in trash metal it's usually a lot of powerchords in the riffs but also more complex riffs like for example forsaken intro riff by dream theater, often in combination with pinch harmonics , for the solos in trash it's mainly minor and major with alternate picking a bit of sweeping and a heavy use of whawha (Kirk hammet style) ...

The sound should e aggressive as mentioned before , but it's nothing wrong in including some clean guitars from time to time , it just ahows your not that narrow minded as other band who makes 10 albums witout including one single par of clean guitar .. the base can be distortet to increase the attack of the sound, for drums oftern simple pattern or use of double base ...

the lyrics can concern everything , but in trash metal it's usual to talk about society, problems of your own , the life on road , and other serious things , maybe you shouldn't talk about the death of you most been loved rabbit when you were 5 doesn't sound to metal

hope i could help
open for correctinos if there are mistakes
sry for the english I#m no native tongue
scream but no pig squealing although i love it =) fast guitar work yet simple bass riffs. you also have to not suck. thats a big mistake people make haha
Remeber metal is not about satan or hell they just intertwine alot so don't try to be a satanist and don't go out and kill a bunch of babies because you think the devil will give you good ideas for lyrics because of that. (F.Y.I most metal groups play into a satanic image to help sell records a good example of this is black sabbath)


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play a metallica song backwards and pass it off as your own
though you might want to change the lyrics :P
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Cool, thanks for the tips and stuff. Im just having trouble being frustrated all the time because i could never think of how a good metal song should be structured and stuff like that.
(F.Y.I most metal groups play into a satanic image to help sell records a good example of this is black sabbath)

Black Sabbath don't refer to satanic things, the paraoid album is very political, thats always a good thing to write about.
straying a bit into punk rock but american idiot sold millions because of this.
back to metal paranoid sold more