as far as im aware they are raised off the freboard more. So allow for easier bending, but require a more delicate touch, and make it harder to slide due to their more pronounced profile over normal frets. Also they are meant to make frets 20+ easier to get clear notes on than standard frets. If your playing slides alot then proberly not a good idea, fast licks then yes. Think of jumbo frets as a less extreme scalloped fretboard. Although not the same obviously!
Jumbo frets? It just means the guitar has big frets (big as in high), I believe.
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They also produce better tone.
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being a beginner would this make it easier or harder to play or no difference?
jumbo frets are fatter and taller. They're jumbo. dumbass.
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There are literally dozens of fret sizes. Generally the three things to look at with frets are:

1. How tall they are
2. How wide they are
3. The curvature from one side to the other

The term "Jumbo Frets" simply indicates frets that are comparatively large and wide. "Medium Jumbo" refers to very wide frets that are of a more standard height.

Tonally there isn't really any noticeable difference. It's basically like trying to listen to a Strat and tell if it's made of poplar or alder; there are way too many other factors that play too much of a part in shaping the tone. Through, technically, there is a difference, virtually nobody is going to be able to tell. If someone claims that frets gave them better/worse tone, you shouldn't trust that person. However, frets can improve the feel of a guitar which can lead to better playing, and better tone can be a result of better playing.

Feel is another issue altogether. A large part of how a guitar plays has to do with the frets. Personally I prefer medium jumbo frets as they're easy to bend, easy to feel, and still let you feel the fretboard to some extent. It's all quite subjective, just because a certain fret size works for someone doesn't mean anything when it comes to you.
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Here's a good visual of fret sizes:
The size you need depends on your playing style and what feels best to you. Frets that are too small can be hard to bend, too large can go out of tune if your left hand touch is heavy. I like the 6100 or 6000 for bending and feel, but most people like something smaller (which is good because they don't make it bigger than 6000 )
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Just realized a couple of weeks ago that when I play aggressively i tend to press hard with my left hand and I go ever so slightly out of tune. But generally (at least in advertising) jumbo frets are always sold as something great.