I am like really interested in this guitar but i'm held back by the pricing, (sounds weird but good guitars normally cost loads)
Could you guys tell me if it's good or bad and a rating out of 10 please??
10 being good?

than 10 Yamaha's are great i dont own one but have played one.

id say get it!

And also Epi Les Paul Saandard are great guitars and are chaeper than the Yamaha's and they are great so do not get fooled by the price unless u have played them!
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Ok cheers thank you

Seriously dudee get one and you will not regreat it!

I mean look at other good guitars like the umm Washburn N2,

thats an awsome guitar and is like only £209?
I've played this guitar before,
It was pretty nice.
I remember it was extremely light, almost wight less.
Seriously, it was like 2 pounds.