Poll: Have you heard the Oscar Meyer wiener song?
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View poll results: Have you heard the Oscar Meyer wiener song?
Of course.
8 47%
Who the hell is Oscar.
2 12%
Not from 'Merica.
7 41%
Voters: 17.
An acquaintance of mine has never heard the Oscar Meyer wiener song. I'm not sure how this is possible if you live in 'Merica so I want to show him how much of a statistical anamoly he is.
im not from 'Merica, but ive heard it on the simpsons
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Oh i wish i was an oscar meyer weiner....
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I've only heard Screeching Weasel do it if thats what you're on about?

I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner
that is truly what I'd really like to be.
'Cause if I was an Oscar Meyer weiner
then everyone would be in love with me.

Oscar Meyer weiners
come get your hotdogs
ah, their made with all
this **** from a cow that
nobody wants, like mucous
and marrow and eyeballs
and bile, and all that crap
that really makes them taste
so damn, really f**king good.
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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'Merica? seriously?

i read that and i kind of wanted to punch you.

of course ive heard the song.
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