I was looking at these four





I originally wanted the peavey windsor combo but it is still waiting to be shipped to the uk, are any these available in the uk and how old are they.
which one would you recommend, i am into classic rock if this helps,

Why not look into the Laney VC30? Many UGers would say and agree with me that they kick major ass.
i might buy the laney VC30, i ve heard a few UGers mention it, i just have a few question because i am a complete novice at this and want to get the best sound/tone i can with my budget (upto about £350)

is it available in the uk and is it a tube amp or normal and will a good new amp work well with my ( dont laugh ) fender squire which i am making do with till i learn more about electric guitars.
i desperately need a new amp because the one i have came with the squire and it sounds awful.

what good features does it have, is it like a classic rock sound and can u play with lots of distortion
Not lots of distortion, classic rock is probably it's tops although you can play some metal with an overdrive. The clean tone and reverb is awesome as well.