first excuse my english pleas^^

i want to ask what i should practice to get speed on my alternat picking?

Chromatic scales, 1st-4th fret on every string (well 1-3 on the G) while also including the open notes. Go all the way up and down from E string to E string.
practise triplets (12-14-15) going up and down strings
ex. -15-14-12------------------------------12-14-15
that what i practise, just start slow and pick up speed
edit: go up and down, back and forth, stuff like that i mean, dont JUST do that lol
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Chromatics, Scales..etc...but its not about what you practice, its about how you practice. Start of slow and make sure you are accurate, do not increase speed till you can play accurately and cleanly.
practice with some economy picking-esque riffs
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make sure you use a metronome as well
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