K the question is simple. whats the /5 mean? am I going to slide it from 1st fret to 5th? or how is this done. This is a part from Old Friend by the Allman brothers. Its the only tab i can find for it, and I know the real song has much more variety then the tab provides. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/t/the_allman_brothers_band/old_friend_tab.htm

I love duanes slide sound, and the allman brothers in general. So i want to learn to play slide well. any other good slide songs to learn that have accurate tabs? Any AMB tabs especially.

E |----------------------------------|------------------------x------------|
C |3\2-p0----/5--3-----0----------0--|--3\2-p0-----/5--3------x------------|
G |-------------------------3/4 -----|------------------------x------------|
C |----------------------------------|------------------------x------------|
G |----------------------------------|------------------------x------------|
C |----------------------------------|------------------------x------------|
It means you can slide into it from any lower fret. Slide into it quickly from the note you pick so that it doesn't sound out. So you only hear the slide into the 5
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