so, my birthday comin up..
parents have said i've got £100 to spend on stuff and £50 cash..

with the £100 part, i've spent £65 on stuff so far..

i gots £35 left..

i was thinking something guitar related...
so, with £35 to spend, gimme some suggestions

thanks in advance pitmonkeys
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I do think it is a rather suspect sound of metal dildos and horses.
oops, forgot to mention i already have a distortion pedal and a wah...

and i dont need strings...
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I do think it is a rather suspect sound of metal dildos and horses.
New shorts.
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7 £5 hookers.

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a porn dvd or magazine or go all out nuts and get and porn mag with a dvd

or a slide or capo their always fun =)
Buy a TAB book or two, they usally go for around 15 quid anyway
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thanks for the help..
think i might get a slide and some new cables..

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I do think it is a rather suspect sound of metal dildos and horses.
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capo , slide , ebow , strap , cables , guitarbag , ... ???

For £35?

I say some snazzy new shorts
CDs ftl(for the...loud).
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£15 pounds worth of doritos
£20 pounds worth of the sweet leaf
Some sick guitar jammage

Or a DVD or something
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3500 penny sweets


get like, lots of little random things
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buy a child slave from vietnam or somewhere
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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8 cans of beer
10 bag of weed
and a rolling stones album or some hendrix

and chiiill out

= )

wait a minute!
that's my saturday afternoons!
Gta 4?
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