Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

Ill go straight to my problem;

I got a Bigsby B7 to install on my Les Paul copy. The problem is that the the width of the bigsby (the bar where the strings attach), is a bit smaller than my tun-o-matic bridge. Is this normal or should they be the same width so the strings are straight?

The difference is not huge but it would make the strings angle between the bigsby and the bridge.

im not sure but i dont think it should be a huge problem. whats the difference we're talking here? looking at pictures of other lps with b7s i can notice a slight difference, so it probably isn't an issue. as long as it is a small change the strings should stay put, and you shouldn't be wailing on a bigsby anyways so you should be fine.
Thanks for your response.
Im hoping itll fine but i want to make sure before i drill any holes on my guitar.
Its late now, but ill measure the widths in the morning.