I need suggestions on purchasing a 5-String bass.

Basically what I'm looking for are any of the following:

Warwick Rock Bass
Maybe a good Ibanez

Having been recently through this voyage of discovery myself, there are a tonne of options out there. My advice is to spend some serious time and try out all of the options above and then look beyond that list to Fender, Spector etc. I had assumed I'd end up with Ibanez as my bass of choice, but ended up landing on the Fender Jazz V 24.

5 String basses vary greatly on string spacing, neck width etc. There were some like the Spector models that had great tone, but I found the neck body proportions odd. The Ibanez string spacing was too tight for me, and from overall quality, I really only liked the SR805 and SR905 that I tried.

Again--its going to be your call and your cash--so have some fun and try out a bunch of options.
You might also want to try out a Lakland 55-01 Hear some real good stuff about them. Of the 3 basses the "best" would be a Warwick. Best is between brackets because its a bit subjective. The build quality is very good on warwick basses but the have a distinctive sound that not everybody likes. However if you do like the sound it is a solid choice.

Not sure which EPS LTD you mean as they vary in price from 230 till 1100 buck.

As for the Schecter i hear the Stiletto Studio is great value for money.

and now i'm going to say the biggest cliche in these matters but also the biggest truth... Try before you Buy.

I probably would focus on the Schecter, warwic or Lakland.
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Check out some Spector basses. I bought a Spector Legend 5 Classic not too long ago, haven't put it down since.

Schecter's "Stiletto" series is great to.