==excuse my misspellings==
please give me some good crits
i really enjoy reading them and bettering my pieces also with my writing in general

mass misconception diludes my blood
eluding scarecy beyond sight
beckoned by this notion, serenity
still wishing not to wane

thirsty, i kneel to the tide
hoping not to drown
using reverse safety mechanisms
to brace the waves beneath my thighs

trying to hide the strength i'm lacking
building barracks by my side
collecting coins and skeletal tissue
an open market for demise

tossing virtues down alters
bestowing rows along the way
recalling dreams i wish to alter
but it seems their here to stay

if we reap what we sow
i fear next harvest
for i am just a modest farmer
sitting on a half-acre of hell

taking twenty half-steps forward
stalling a quarter of the way
gasping, i fall between the pause
between my breaths

chasing adjacent rock formations
grasping branches on the way down,
now im out on a limb
and I have'nt eaten in weeks
so whats so wrong with an apple?
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