Hey, all. This is a last-minute request, and may not be very helpful, but I'm looking for pretty much any show going on this saturday, may 17th, 2008.

I'm going to be traveling from Virginia to Illinois and plan on stopping somewhere in between for the night. I'd like to stop somewhere interesting to split up the drive and crash for the night, and I figure that somewhere with a good show going on is just as good of an idea as any.

I'll be driving through:

Charleston, WV
Lexington, KY
Louisville, KY
Indianapolis, IN
Champaign, IL

I'm trying not to go too far out of the way, but the following cities are along alternate paths that don't take too much longer:

Columbus, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Bloomington, IN

And of course all the small cities I don't know of. Any help is appreciated. I'm mainly looking for any resources that might have a calender of shows since I don't know how many people actually live near these cities, but if you happen to live near there and feel like offering up a place for me to crash that night, that's awesome and even better if there's a show going on that night as well.
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Go figure... they don't have a slew of local punk shows listed on a national ticket-selling website...

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You're planning on crashing your car on purpose?

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pirate fest in champaign illinois

Hmm... that may or may not make me want to leave a day early just to make it there...

Ok.. now looking for shows either friday the 16th or saturday the 17th... If I find one friday the 16th, I can go to that and pirate fest on the 17th.
imma start with summer shows here

the 24 march:
DEEP ****
(hyde park)

the 25th:
Pyramid scheme
poison party
(hammond IN)

may 30:
he who corrupts

may 31:
Punch in the face (last show)

june 9
ABRADE (Back from the dead....again! (((best band ever))))
morbid O
shiraz (from south bend IN)
(not sure)

June 10
There's always something in Columbus, but I'm not sure what this weekend.
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Well it's not exactly in your path, but I'm going to a battle of the bands in Milwaukee and there's supposed to be some really good punk/ska bands there.

Can't say I'd recommend it though cause I don't really know anything about any of the bands
I'm sure there's something going on in Bloomington tonight, I just lost all my phone numbers for there. If you go to Columbus and walk around 14th st. where the punk houses are (i believe) you should find a party or at least a place to crash.