I downloade this book, but It hasn't the audio. Can Someone gimme the audio of that book in mp3 or tell me where download it, please?
Thanks a lot
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How about buying it?


In a bookshop?

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books have audio?

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LMAO ****ing pwned hahaha

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You bought a tab book of James Hetfield, correct? Then you should already have some of Metallicas music.

If not, you pretty much failed a bit right there.

Go onto youtube and search for the videos of the songs, that might help.
For those who care.
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Thanks for the answers and sorry if this isn't the place for asking.
Really, this is a book with a guitar method, so, I need the audio for practice It's exercises. I havn't got chances for buy the book, because I live in Chile, so here Isn't possible to find It

Please don't make shorts the words with me, I really speak spanish and I don't undestand when you do that. Thanks
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