What would people suggest for a decent guitar program, commercial or freeware? I'm basically looking for something to use with my usb cable to simulate various pedals, amps, whatever, and have some recording capabilities.....Windows or Mac, use both
Line 6 Toneport GX + Gearbox = $50. Very nice XT-based interface, has guitar, bass, and vocal capabilities and works with most recording software.
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Im gonna suggest Gearbox with a TonePort as well. Nothing else with GearBox's capabilities has the kind of price it does. And with something like Cubase LE or some other recording program, you can mix tracks and make demos if you want to.
I think you can use just about any interface out there to run Gearbox but dont quite me on that...

I didnt like the tone of Gearbox and put a review in the R&R if you are interested.
I use Amplitube when needed but my main tone comes from a Yamaha Magicstomp multi FX type pedal.