okay, so after a bit of a break i wrote two songs, on positive and one negative/weird

so i present: "Stay in love" and

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crit for crit of course!
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thnx for the crit dude. i just listened to airplane and i was blown away. love the guitar especially the intro and the chorus. had a 90s feel which i liked. i liked the reggae sort of parts too. i didn't like how before the solo you stopped. just doesnt feel right

stay in love just isnt my type. its a well crafted song but i just didn't like it as much as airplane

Vocals are pretty good, I like your tone a lot but I'm not necessarily a fan of how soft the singing is (although I'm sure that's the style / point)

The music itself is very repetative, from what I could tell you only really had two parts in the song and the instrumentals were really simplistic.

The backing vocals fill the sound out really well in the end of Stay in Love. Cool little keyboard for the few seconds it was there.

Airplanes intro is kind of cool. Vocals are really quiet in the mix. Double bass is a bit sloppy, but thats not that big of a deal. I like the feel change. Again, really cool vocal backings.

Your vocals are good and you use them well, I'm not a fan of the music that much but you do a lot of pretty cool stuff with your vocals. (Keep in mind I'm not really into alternative or rock)
impressive man, i dig ur sound, to put it all together on ur own is a pretty big feat.

I liked spiderwebs the most, it had that great psychadelic feel and very heavy and dark

The other one i liked was stay in love, it was soft but not too lovey dovey and the singing is spit spot, it struck me as having a Roy Orbison edge, dont know if anyone else got that...

Airplane was ok, good intro but it lost its great appeal when it went to the bridge for me, im defintely gonna liste to the rest... good job mate
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Airplane was a really well done song, but I'll echo some things already said:

- Vocals were mixed a little low, not too much, but you know, a little.
- The pauses on either side of the bridge slowed the positive momentum of the song
- For me, I felt like the vocal reverb was overdone. Maybe for some parts of the song, but used for the whole song? I think picking and choosing the moment for reverb would help give the song the chance to build.

But, like I said:

+ The song was very technically sound
+ The singing was done very well within the feel of the song itself

C4C here.
Airplane: I like the intro. A lot of energy and power there. Cool scorching guitar lead. Man, you've really made progress with your vocals! The mix sounds a bit unbalanced though: the drums are a tad too loud and the guitars way too thin and muddy. Other than that, I've got no complaints. Well written song.

Stay in Love: Cool clean guitar intro... I'm not too fond of the vocal melody but that's just me. I like the part with choir on the background. I don't know what else to say about this peace, really. The mix is slightly better than in Airplane, but I think this one lacks the great ideas and hooks that Airplane has. So, all in all this one was a bit bland.
Hey chris, thanks for the crit. Im listening to Airplane, and as a guitarist..the intro and verses are very enjoyable, great lines, very fun listen. I really like the slow down after the verse, and the vocals are agreeable, but the reverb is a little heavy, maybe back it down a little. I must agree the pauses give the song a disjointed feel but other than that, nasty solo, awesome thanks. Thanks bro
Stay in lover- just turned it on and i already like the vibe it gives off, easy to listen to. i wish i could hear the rolls on the high-hat more, just cause i love the sound of that, hahaha
kinda repetivite, but it works, sounds like a song that would be played at a dance

Airplane- again, catches my ear right away, cool intro. recording sounds a little muffled, drums a little low, imo. i liked the change into the upstrokes alot, it works really well. hmm the parts where it gets silent for about half a second is weird. i like the guitar work in this song, it fits it well

crit 4 crit?

Quite frankley. This stuff sounds better than Satch's new album. =]

Excellent melodies and original. =] Well done!

at some points in airplane the singing kind of sounded like it was being taken over by the guitar, so maybe try seeing what it sounds like by turning the singing up? I liked the intro alot, yea the intro was good don't change it. And after the solo the singing was cool where u have two voices at the same time.

When I loved you...

The guitar and drums throughout the song i think are really cool especially when the bass comes in. Definitely original sounding. im not a fan of the singing style..just my opinion but other than that i really liked both of your songs. keep em comin!
Cool stuff.. I get Nirvana vibes with some bluesscales on the guitar. Not really my style but if you like this kind of music it's perfect and theres not really much to improve.
Killer guitars, pretty good song flow. The vocals really touch on that Morrissey sound at points. When it does that, its good... sometimes elsewhere its pretty flat and needs some practice. Don't get me wrong, though... not bad. Just keep working on it to get it really tight.

I liked Airplane... cool song.
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Stay in Love, isn't really my type of song. Its very well recorded and mixed, very tight playing. Vocals sound good. Its too simple and mellow for my liking i guess, but thats obviously just my opinion

Airplane starts out with a blast. Great solo! I like how you switched it up to the lighter sound. I like hearing the variation throughout the song. Good stuff.

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Thanks for the crit!

Stay in Love: Nice intro, I like the clean guitar. The voice is good too. The songs sounds really good actually. Nice written and composed. Reminds me of David Bowie, and that is a compliment Good job!

Airplane: Starts out really great. Rock n' Roll! I don't like how you recorded the vocals here. They sounds a bit far away. Nice rifs.
The part at 0.55 was a cool twist. Nice drums too. Good job
OK I've listening to airplane for the 5th time now. A few things really stood out for me:
- The intro is Great
- The tutu tutututu thing going on in chorus and the absence of dist guitars gives it a really nice contrast to the rest of the song.
- Theres a thing you do after the first chorus and both before and after the second chorus. You know when the music stops and you fade in a kick drum. I like the Idea and it very effective once in awhile. The problem is when you use it 3 times in like a minute. For me at least it feels like the song stops, goes on for a few seconds, stops again, goes on for a few seconds then stops again.
but thats my only criticism really as the song is really good.
Guitar work, vocals, drums, all good!

Good work!
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thanks guys i loves you...*not really, but you are pretty sexy*
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