Ok so I've been playing guitar for a year, and I think I'm an ok player. The problem is, everytime I practice I sit down. Well last night I found a guitar strap in the bottom of my closet(that had supposedly come with the guitar) and attached it.

Well I tried playing standing up, and it was really awkward. I could barely play power chords...and if I start playing gigs I can't play sitting down.

Is it like this with anyone else, or am I just screwed?
Just keep practicing, you'll get it. A lot of people have trouble standing at first. Just keep working at it.

By the way, whatever happened to the preteen adventure thread guitarhero?
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Yup, that's normal.

Things to do...

- Practice more standing up. Basically, you'll adjust over time as you play more standing up. Don't worry about playing **** at first.
- Adjust the strap so it's at a comfortable height. Don't put it too low like Slash or someone, keep it at moderate or high up. Sure, you may look like a dumbass for having it very high, but as long as it sounds good!
you might have your guitar too low. your wrist should not be bent so far that it's uncomfortable to play standing up. i know it doesn't look as cool, but you have to keep your guitar high enough where you can play the frets with ease.

i'm sure that is the problem, if it's not, then you just need more practice without have to look all around from your fretting hand to your strumming hand. i suggest always atleast practicing at the end of your routine standing up.
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By the way, whatever happened to the preteen adventure thread guitarhero?

I got bored with the character and graybass took over, they created a sequel I believe, it just isn't moving as fast.

And thanks for the help, its nice not to get a 'pit' answer
There's an unwritten guitarist law that says to have your guitar at your sternum(sp?) but that's ridiculously high for me. I keep mine just above my waist and I'm fine.
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Yeah, it's always awkward at first. You might have your guitar too low. Practice standing up even though it's high up. Then gradually make the strap longer as you go on.
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i know it doesn't look as cool

I actually think the opposite. It makes you look like you know what you're doing, and other legitimate guitarists will respect your style. Classical position standing up!
Yeah, bass-ically (haha) just practice standing up and have your guitar at a comfortable level. I had that same problem when I first started out, but pretty soon I could play standing up just fine. And currently, I keep my bass pretty low. So uh...yeah. Have fun.
classical position standing up wpuld be like korn bassist though
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Nope. It's never too late to learn anything.

Just keep at it, don't fret over it. If you join a band anytime soon, you'll be forced to practice standing up anyway.
It was hard for me to play standing up at first too. But every once in a while i attached the strap just to practice playing with one. After a couple of weeks of not too intensive practice I started to feel more comfortable with it. So its just a matter of time and practice.

and things said above should be able to help you out. Good luck practicing mate!
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Question 3(lol):I practice an hour a day, how much time should i spend standing if I wanna get used to it?

there's no *set* period of time to get better at it, but it shouldn't take long. I don't remember it taking me very long, and I also had the awkward feeling at first. Seriously just raise your strap until it's at least at the height you play when the guitar is on your knee, and play some songs. You'll look back and wonder why it was ever difficult.
I remember when I started standing up, it felt odd. Over time you get used to it.
I practice standing up 90% of the time now. I started standing up after like 6 months, and got the hang of it after awhile. Once you get it you'll hopefully enjoy it, just takes practice.