ok, can someone please help?..

stuff have that would be of note here..

orange crush 15r amp
electro-harmonix big muff pi
ibanez tubescreamer
zoom g2 multi effects pedal

anyway, first concern..

the big muff (bought recently) has barely any volume - and sounds terrible when used with the tubescreamer to boost it

i think that maybe the amp is no good - maybe get a tube amp instead (fender pro jr?)


the 'mellow' effect on the strokes songs 'razorblade', '15 minutes' and the solo of 'ize of the world' - how do you get that sound?!

i have turned the tone down on my jaguar and set it to the neck pickup, put the 'boss od' replicator on my crappy multieffects pedal and put a 'stereo chorus' effect on it as well - it sounds kinda similar, but i love that sound.

any idea what pedal nick valensi used on the first impressions of earth?

thankyou, if you could help me out on either i'd be really happy

The Strokes have pretty much always used a combo of Fender Hot Rod DeVille amps im pretty sure, a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde distortion/OD pedal, and single coil pickups. Nick has humbucker-sized P-90s, and Albert has pretty much always played a white Strat. A tube amp would help so much, as in my experiance, tube amps when turned up a little loud are great sounding. And a J&H pedal would be another good investment. Its $150, but thats for two pedals with some extra options on em.
always go tube if you can afford as for the big muff, try it with out the screamer first and see if it has volume
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The effects on the Zoom are ok, but the distortion modelling sucks. Did you try it with the Tubescreamer or amp OD and the chorus from the pedal?
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Try swapping out the battery in the Big Muff? If there's little volume and you're not using an adaptor then it may just be running out of power. If not then it's probably broken because I find my Big Muff has almost too much, I never even put mine at 12 o clock/
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yeah, mines got everythin but the tone all the way round - amp od is on, and with the tubescreamer it gets a bit louder, but just sounds awful

"Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde distortion/OD pedal"

thanks for that - ill save up

also re: tube amps - ive been lookin out for pro juniors, but il have to wait til i get a bit more cash

thank you all