I am looking into some silent recording methods to re-do some metal demos. The Axe Trak is gonna be a lot cheaper since I can get it shipped locally and don't need to buy additional mics.

Yes they have sound clips on their respective websites, but I just don't trust that they represent typical results and as demonstrated by this Guitar Rig 3 is not cutting it anymore for me.

You already know what you're doing.. what are you asking?

You said you know what you're getting.. point of thread?
I am asking which one is better, and if the cost is justified, I was pointing out that the Axe Trak had the advantage of being cheaper but perhaps the Grendel is a lot better?
Grendel by far. The Axe Trak sounds like **** because its only an 8" speaker or something really small. The guy who makes the Grendel visits the harmony central forum frequently and he seems like a nice guy who knows what hes doing.
I found out it's actually a 6.5" speaker which is not going to do it for me, the GDR is going to be my choice.