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Keep It
40 36%
Cut it down to 3 inches.
71 64%
Voters: 111.
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So recently I have been debating about cutting my hair. So pit, I ask you, what should I do?

Photos of me with long hair:

Should I go for it, it would be cut down to about 3 inches, just about the bottom of my ears.
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Well the first picture it looks really good, but the second I don't like it as much haha. Just do what you want..If you like it, that's what matters.
grow it to your feet and spike up in a mohawk
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I am severally dissapointed by the lack of "Emo" in this thread and the misleading title

Cut it and style it well, the chicks will dig it.
i'd cut off about 2 inches, try and get it to be the same length everywhere, i find it looks better that way, thats how mine is
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1st pic you look good, much like a young dave grohl.
2nd pic you look like a fairy.
Cut the hair, you'll look better.
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cause you're ****ing stupid

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Not funny the second time

This is the 5th time i think.
People need to stop asking UG about their hair, there's atleast 2 threads on it a day

Until it stops, i shall continue.
Get it cut, you look ridiculous.
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
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If I walked by you/you walked by me/both, I'd double take to try to determine your sexuality to be completely honest. To sum it up, cut your hair.
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plus all the white gangsters have short hair.
freakin tools....

What? Wow.
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long hair awesome.

plus all the white gangsters have short hair.
freakin tools....

Says the kid who is obviously dressing "scene" in his profile pic.

Your an idiot. If your going to stereotype do it right. "White gangsters" don't usually keep their hair 3 INCHES long.
Reading only the title I thought this was a philosophical emo thread. Anyway keep it.
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You are feminine. Cut it.

What's the problem with that? Are you not confident with your own manliness?
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Do it. I shaved all my hair off today (see profile for before pics) and i forgot how good it feels to have short hair.
Why not be really radical and cut it to shorter than 3 inches.
It'll always manage to grow back if you really dislike it.
I hope it doesn't seem, like I'm young, foolish, and green.
Let me in for a minute, you're not my life but I want you in it

O Dayya, te echaré de menos, siempre

Y siempre
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Cut it, do something different, I might grow out my hair...just to see what its like....but not until the winter, because in the summer, that is WAY TOO FREAKIN HOT

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Cut it if you want to cut it.

Dont ask here, cause you will get and have got mixed responses. The decision is down to you.

Personally, I cut my long hair and I regret it... Cause people say I look better with long hair.
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I say keep it, I think it flatters your face well.
But if you want to cut it, go ahead. Whatever you think will be best.
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well, not to offend you but you kinda look like a girl. trust me cut it short, it will feel sooooooo much better, you'll also probably look better. Short hair > Long hair in 97% of the cases
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But really, cutting it short and styling it will do wonders for your sex life.

True stuff.

You know it bad when you're eating pussy and its your hair that gets in the way lol.
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IMO just give it a trim, but overall I think it looks pretty good. People say you look feminine, but that doesn't mean girls don't or won't like you. Girls date feminine-looking guys all the time, so that argument is bull****. It's called androgyny. For those ignorant people calling TS a girl, look it up.
Chop the mop! I did once, and my hair was about as long as yours. Not only do you look and feel more mature, ladies of ALL social backgrounds will be all over you like a fat man over custard.
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