anyone have experience with this head? i've seen lotsa guys in here mention the other B52's (AT), but not this one...how does it compare/stand alone?
i mostly crunch away at power chord rhythm riffs and chugga-chugga, with some improving attempts at leads as time goes on, but it would be nice to have sweet cleans to play with too, but neither option needs to be exceptional for my (as of yet) limited skills...but chugga ranks higher than clean...
not worried about it bein too powerful, since my OCD (condition, not the pedal) makes me need over-the-top toys to show off with if the chance occurs. i'll just get a nice cab and keep the rig imprisoned in my room playing thru headphones until my neighbors leave for the day. i just wanna know that when/if i get good, or when a talented buddy drops by or i get the chance to crank it a bit till the cops show up, i'll have a mean rig to demonstrate on.

so how good or bad is this head?

hep me jeebuz, i typed all that?
I'd just go for the combo since it's more than loud enough to deafen your neighbors and would be cheaper.
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The ST is actually the first B-52 I tried and I really liked it. However, this was back when I was still using my Vox as my main amp, so my impression probably isn't the best. I remember I liked it almost as much as the 6505+ and it was much better sounding than the Marshall AVT

I'd really like to try one again, but GC has since replaced them all with the AT series and I haven't seen an ST in in a long time.
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