my neighbours have asked me to play at their summer party in about 3 months.
what do you people suggest i should play?
i want something that people recognise, but its just me on guitar (classical, acoustic or electric), no singing or anything else.
i'm kinda struggling with thinking of things as the neighbours dont want anything "too heavy" so they just left me to decide what to play.
and apparently i've got about an hour to fill :|
so yeah suggestions would be great.
play 'don't you want me, baby' by the human league,

that'll lift the spirit when the drink is flowing
"Dee" by Randy Rhoads//Ozzy will get you about a minute into the hour long set =/
play a set of songs that feature acoustic guitar. like jack johnson. his songs can be played anywhere without bass or drums and still sound good.
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try some beatles. that way people can sing the lyrics for you

bob marley
led zep
rolling stones
judas priest

try some stuff from guitar hero

intermezzo liberte by arch enemy. its a great instumental and its not TOO heavy
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bob dylan.
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15 Fathoms and Counting by Bring Me The Horizon. Its not grindcore, its an acoustic instrumental by them. Try it.
always and never by coheed can be played instrumental, i played it at a concert at school and it was good.

Also things like instrumental nothing else matters by metallica or Don't cry by gnr, or bron y aur by led zep

or maybye sum folky stuff 2, or insrumental of a classical melody, like classico by tenacious d? just a few thoughts...
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i was also thinking about this

at a summer party people do end up asking you to play guitar

sooo any songs we should all learn just in case?

american idiott obv