I have a Line 6 Spider III and am looking to trade it in. I can get a Roland Cube 60, which i've heard very good about. So anyways, is it a definate upgrade, because i'm in desperate need of a new amp, i'm just not happy with the Spider. The only problem is my local stores will only get one if i give them the money for one, so i can't even try one out unless i sell my Spider. So i was wondering, is it a DEFINATE good to get this as an upgrade from a Spider III.

(btw... it's a 30 watt Spider)

I had a cube 60 and it's much better than any spider.
btw, look for a cheap used all tube amp... they much better ( btw now i use a 30years old laney klipp and i love it)
Never used a Spider to be honest, so I can't compare the two of them. Although I can tell you from experience that I recently bought a CUBE 60, it is an amazing amp, and I would be pleased if someone could point out a better amp.
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yeah, well this is gonna be for practice, or for the time being 'till i get a tube amp.

i'm getting a job this summer, and i'm gonna TRY to get a Marshall DSL50 head, don't know which cab though, probably a MC212 130W 2x12 cab.

but i'm just wanting something to trade my Spider for, i hate it!

well it depends what you're doing with the cube. it is a definite upgrade, but are you going to be jamming? gigging? strictly home practice?

if its for straight up practice at home you should just stick with your spider to save money.. practice amps are practice amps. If you're simply sick of the spider you could even go with a cube30.

now if you're jamming with a loud drummer or gigging in small to medium clubs, the cube 60 will keep up ok but will be getting pushed fairly hard.

to comfortably gig anything more, you should save up for some kind of 30 to 50 tube amp that has the sound you're looking for.
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i'm probably gonna be using it for jamming and bedroom.

i'm just now getting a band together, so we probably won't be gigging too soon.

but like i said earlier, i'm planning on getting a job and hopefully by the time we start gigging i'll be able to get a DSL50, but i'm getting this to do until then.