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looks cheap

Ehh.. somewhat. I do like the Kaoss pad though
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You big pair of spammers...

The features look brilliant (great pickup choices too) but I can't say they're the most fetching of guitars. Looks like somewhat like an attempt to turn a job lot of various spare parts into something vaguely guitar-shaped. A Tele neck on an LP? Hmm.

Anyway, the Beast sounds like it could be a real winner, considering how limited the market choice is at the moment. All these young Morello and Bellamy fans would lap it up. Who knows, it might even be turn out to be on a par with the sheer might of the rumoured Moog guitar....

That said I seriously don't think anyone, anywhere, ever, will want an 'SBO toolbar' on their internet browser.
lol - kyle62 - tht guy's a legend as well! Purely for the fact tht he likes the idea, but rejects the toolbar because he feels that it's pointless? lol
Mabye he secretly wants it!!!