K i was going to buy ESP LTD DJ-600 At first But Every Guitarist Goes Through This A Billion Times, You Want One Than The Other Is Like OMG This Is Cool Too Haha So PLZ Help Gracia's ^_^
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haha, Damian?? lol, its me Francisco...

edit: btw like I said before, epipnone.
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
that is rather a large spread to choose from....
however you seem to have a lot of Vs there, might be the way your leaning
also try them all out if you can..and base it more than on the looks
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less headroom than the windsor head? what, does it distort before you plug it in?

Another thing is, the price ranges is all over the place. Have you actually looked at the prices of these things?

93 Jackson Dinky Professional Reverse
98 Jackson Kelly KE3

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Haha wow i havent checked this i a while k here goes... 1. i have tried most like 60% 2. they most have emg's so its all good, 3. price doesnt matter 4. in shape wise i love them all 5. i know all r different weight, neck feel, the works (jackson V necks r the best in the world for sure) but im a ESP guy at heart but iv only been for so long now and i already got an Epiphone SG and Line 6 Spider 3 75W thats it

so yea thanks to everyone that commented this and if more "still what to get info" by all means tell me idc witch one yet, just tell me witch one and ill get it, the more votes on one guitar the more of a chance ill get it ^_^

also heres a link to my "Help Pick An Amp" Thread ^_^


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No.1 =]
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If you don't have enough for tube get a Roland Cube.

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Go for chicken wings, nr.3! It is BAAAD ASSS!
I hate Dean though...

EDIT: Didn't know it was a signature. Signature sucks
The Dean Mustaine Angel of Deth is my vote.
That or either Rhoads, perhaps even the Explorer.
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