I've got work experience at a guitar shop.
For the first two days all I did was open boxes with new stock in, price it, put it on shelves or in stock room. Or clean.

But today, I was asked to tune every electric and accoustic in the shop.

I was able to play all sorts of guitars.
Ibanez to Fender.
I played over 60 guitars like american strats and teles, dean razorbacks and ibanez rgs.

I much prefered the Ibanez to Dean for metal.
Except the body shape, Deans are ****ing kick ass.

Anyone agree/disagree?
well i agree that Ibanez is a lot better for metal, but not so much on the deans kicking ass
yeah, ibanez are good for metal but deans do not really kick ass
my gear: ibanez destroyer( with gibson 500t pickup), epiphone les paul plus,ampeg electric, marshall jcm2000 triple super lead half stack