My band recently finished recording our first full length and we have a good amount of it online. Check our page and crit the music.

Add us on myspace if you like it, and be sure to comment.


I'm on guitar and teh ub3r br00tal vox.

Comment / crit!
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the singer sings veryyyy flat. the music as a whole is pretty sweet, your keyboardist is great.
i know the singing isnt that good imo ether but hey im sure if they decided to go all screaming then it would rape HOLE
Good keyboardist, good brutals, pretty good compositions overall, the singer was always flat and the recording quality bugged me (even though it wasn't terrible, maybe it was the mixing or something).
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the reason im even excited for this band is because there from my area and iv never even herd of them
The guitar playing is good and the keyboard playing is also really good. The drumming is good most the time, but it sometimes sloppy and doesn't keep time very well. the singing is often flat, and the mix of the recording isn't that great, but overall you guys are pretty good. just keep practicing and try to play as many shows as you can, it's the best experience.
A lot of people keep mentioning the mix... What is the problem you all have with it? Like, instrument volumes and such?
ok so i talk to the band and they are new strictly growling and screaming which is preety kickass listen to the music thats on there now cuz there taking it down soon to put up some newer stuff thats more heavy and more brutal