Well as the title suggests id like to know what would be a decent guitar lead.
Now about a month or so ago i bought a Monster studio pro 1000 lead and well im not that happy with it, it makes annoying scratching sounds when the lead rubs together and, and it keeps coiling itself up when practicing and on stage which doesn't help at all.
So can anyone help with this?

What planet waves cable is it that you use? Isnt it funny how Monster has all these well known guitarist e.g. slash and yet there not great.
My planet waves cable is very stiff, I don't like it much, although it sounds great
I've got stagg leads.
cheap, but have never let me down. Don't sound cheap at all.

I brought them originally as i was in a hurry to get them and they were the only one's in stock, but i was pleasantly surprised.
I have used planet waves in the past, was happy with them, but no difference in sound with the stagg really.