I currently have a PRS SE EG guitar with 3 single picups and although it sounds fairly good and I like the cleans, the buzzing of single coil pickups is fairly annoying at times...

Im looking for 3 new pickups for my guitar that will sound good on both a clean channel but I also want to get close to Joe Satriani's tone with all that harmonic type feedback when needed. I'm thinking humbucker pickups that fit into single spaces since I dont want to have to cut the hard to replace pickguard on my guitar.

Also I would prefer passive pickups since I dont want to have to deal with batteries. I am also not looking to spend too much...

Any suggestions?

I know someone will ask what amp I use...
I run directly into a Yamaha Magicstomp processor which I like the sound of. It does amp and FX modeling.
I'd say check out the DiMarzio:

Air Norton S (DP180) (Bridge)
Chopper (DP184) (Neck)

As joe satch doesn't have/use a mid position
Gibson SG Standard (Cherry finish)
Ibanez JS1000 (Black Pearl finish)

Zoom G2.1u

Bugera 333XL Head (Coming Soon)
Avatar G212H Special (Coming Soon)
Crate FW15R
Right, and shielding is a good deal less expensive.

EDIT: BTW, I don't know that you'll be able to get Satch's tone from a pickup swap anyway. You're running into a processor, so I doubt pickups would make that much of a difference. Just shield your guitar, don't play near electronics, and dial the tone in at your processor.
well I am actually a little tired of the tone I get with my current pickups and eventually I will be getting a nice amp but for now I'm sticking with processors. I only play for fun at home and do recording for the same purpose so I don't really NEED a high end guitar amp IMO...

Right now I have a patch on the magicstomp which gets me very close to satch's tone and I even get some nice feedback with my PA turned on but I feel it could be better, even if its a 20% difference I'll be happy.

I think ill go with the 180 and 184 pickups as suggested above, they are nice in price too.