I know a lot of people don't have tentative schedules of their whole summer so just put what you have plan on doing.

I'm road tripping, going to festivals, going to Mexico, sleeping, drinking, camping, fishing, and whatever else comes up.

And Umphrey's McGee and STS9 show in August. I'm pumped.
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Gigging, partying, hanging out with friends.
Basically nothing.
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Recording, gigging, hopefully getting things going with the girl of my dreams, and generally having a good time!
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lots of work and lots of concerts. and probably lots of pot.

so yeah its gonna be a good one
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Touring Scotland/N England/Wales with my band, promoting our first album on indie label.

Cos we're cool.

Oh, and also pissing about with mates who've got the summer off from Uni, getting to work on building that extension to the back of the house, going on holiday and spending the £3000 I've saved over the past year on random crap

Because, as I've said, me and my friends are cool.
I'm going to San Diego in early July for a week. And when I come back, job searching and my 16th birthday.

Also gonna hang out with my friends, see The Dark Knight, and get in shape.
i'm gonna start working at a new employer, so thats gonna be stellar; my parents are going to yellowknife for a couple weeks--HOUSE PARTIES!!
and im getting married to my fiance sometime in august...and oh yea, i'll be gigging in and around ottawa, canada hopefully if we can find a new bassist and drummer
Everything I do now - school + work + more fun-time = my summer.
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recording maybe a tour(sounds so professional LOL) and seeing me awesome gf =D ooo n maybe doing my driving test + maybe moving ooo and working and doing some DIY.. + other stuffs
Im quite proud of that LOL

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Erm, Im doing my leaving cert, going to America, then oxygen, playing a few gigs, possibly going to germany and the netherlands with my band: see thread "is it possible", hopefully playing some more gigs, recording, getting my leaving cert results and going to muse on the 14th of august, going to budapest, lipno and prague for two weeks, going to my debs/grads(prom) and then starting college..... I currently have €1000 to pay for ALL of this so hopefully i will be getting at least two jobs in between it all to pay for it.....

Oh and obviously hanging around, drinking, partying, practicing, sailing. and if i get time maybe some sleep
A week after school gets out I'm going to Philly, and then in mid july I'm gonna see the Foos, and then hang out with friends, play CoD4, Assassins Creed, and ya thats about all
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Seeing Iron Maiden 16 June, and maybee goes to Rock Im Park 6-8 June. Then ill probably live in the sewers cus my money is gone
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Well ill be sleeping in alot, doing the usual computer stuff. Practice guitar like crazy. Learning to drive. Writing songs and practicing recording techniques...going to Warped Tour and possibly an Underoath Concert.

And hanging out with friends alot
I'm going to Germany in June or July. After that, I might be going out to Ohio to stay with a friend for almost a week.

Stuff I have to do:
1. Summer project (if there is one)

2. Get gf.

3. Study up for next year (Algebra II, Biology, etc.)

4. Keep learning German on my own. Work on conversation Spanish.

5. Hopefully have fun.

and whatever else comes up.
I imagine that the highlight of my summer will be playing Metal Gear Solid 4.
Hopefully going to lots of shows, only one I know I'm going to for sure is Finntroll in August, I also want to see At The Gates in July but other than those I have no idea what I'm doing.
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Reading festival, Chemical Brothers gig, several smaller punk gigs no doubt.

Drink alot.

Work alot so I can afford some nice new clobber.

Have a better summer than last hopefully.
Going to Mississippi in July to help build houses. That's pretty much all I have planned so far.
Gigging in a trio.

working on my solo stuff.

learning Kezia and Fortress by protest the hero.

should take me nicely through summer.
My Musical attempts

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waits for "i know what you're doing this summer" jokes.

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Recording, getting a job, travelling, getting married.

Congrats man! It's nice to know not all UGers are socially inept retards.
Doing grade 12 math in summer school for the entirety of July, then I'm home alone for two weeks while my family goes to Vancouver, and I'm off to the college for Jazz camp for the last two weeks of August.
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Sleep..work out.....sleep some more, eat, play guitar most of the summer, probably spend half my summer at my friend Kaela's house...so yeah, boring summer basically.

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Whatever the f*ck I want.

As long as it is legal
Writing a demo tape and recording it. Oh and working.
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I'm supposed to be going down to Sacramento to see this uncle or something of mine with my mom who owns a recording studio and is supposedly a really good guitarist. I dunno if he's got any connections down there or anything, but if he does I'm just gonna roll with whatever he's got down there and see if I can get something going. But who knows what'll happen when my dad finds out I'm dropping outta highschool, I might not end up going.
jamming in my buddys garage, doing lots of halucigens, smoking lots of weed, and getting drunk atleast once a week.