When you watch an American Revolutionary War movie/show/(other media?)....

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who do you root for to win? Yea we know the Americans came out on top, but do you Brits want to see some pain inflicted on the Continental Army?
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6. Listen.
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y'all best not be talkin'

we did it once, we can do it again!
I have no opinion on this matter.
I don't. They contain so much patriotism they make me want to punch stuff. Hard.
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I don't. They contain so much patriotism they make me want to punch stuff. Hard.

This, if I haven't already died of boredom
I think the majority of the Revolutiony War movies out there are a cheap shot to flare up some good ol' American nationalism. It's all pretty stupid, if you ask me. It's a dumb old piece of dirt and it's purely by chance that we were born here. Those of us sitting in our living rooms watching the films didn't fight a damn thing to get to live here and we have no right to be patriotic about the fact that it was here that our parents did the nasty and not somewhere else.
Besides, the US blows right now. I've got more Canadian pride than US pride, and I haven't even been further north than Connecticut (which was when I was 2).
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The British guy was just so dang evil in "The Patriot."

Yeah .. but really the Americans were still fat, ignorant, and stupid in the film too
i always play a revolutionary war game called battlegrounds..it's run with steam. i always play as british, but when watching the patriot i want americans to win
Who do I root for? No one, I know how it ends...
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