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This is the ultimate F*ck this thread,here you can say what you hate,things that get you annoyed/angry,or in other words what do you wanna decorate with the word f*ck.

If mods have a problem with this delete or lock the topic and PM me about it please,but i thought that it would be a good idea to get all of your Internet aggressions here instead of spamming all over the forum.

I'll start:

F*ck Mustaine's temper and attitude,F*ck cocky egocentric-stuck up-over self confident-poser-so called rock stars,F*ck people who say tapping with all of your fingers is wrong,F*ck people who say Yngwie and Alexi can't play because they shred,F*ck that girl I'm hot for but she's totally way out of my league so i probably can't get her,F*ck Euro-Music Agency and their bad organisation because of which I had to endure a weak week without strings!,F*ck my countries policy about young drivers,F*ck people who think you have an all black Gixxer makes you a Ghost Rider wannabe,F*ck religion that makes you do bad things,F*ck things that want you to respect them out of fear!

oh there are many more but these are the biggest F*cks!
**** you, **** you all, and **** the world!!! IN THE ANUS!!11

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f*ck people who immediately bash ts instead of at least trying to go along with the thread.

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**** living
**** dying,
**** laughing
**** crying
**** this song,
But mostly **** You
**** love, hate and friends
**** following trends,
**** this song,
Cant wait till it ends.

**** everything,
But **** you the most
**** everyone
But **** you the most,
With a big rusty pole or a splintery post
**** you the most, **** you

**** old school
**** new school
**** not cool
**** too cool
**** giving ironically lame
**** giving advice
**** trying to be nice
**** you and you know who you are

**** everything,
But **** you the most
**** everyone
But **** you the most,
With a big rusty pole or a splintery post
Yeah, **** you the most, **** you
**** all the people in THIS THREAD
Rag Mop Do Do Duh DoDo Dedo Do!!!!!


F*uck your Mom.

Not you of course that'd be sick.
The one with the royal sceptre and gown

Quote by leaping badger
i like drag

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f people who are dumb enough not to be silent when they don't have anything smart and or appropriate to say...

just because you're an inbreed and you can swear,and probably are 14 doesn't make you cool,if you have nothing smart to say,stay silent,for you that is the only way to stay smart!
Screw people who ride my tail doing 60 in a 40 zone. You're all idiots, and I hope I see you get in a car accident.
Fuck me this thread is useless.
Quote by ZanasCross
I'm now so drunk that even if my mom had given me a blow job at aeg 2, i'd be like I'm a pmp, butches.!

If this even madkes sense... if yhou sig this, Iw ll kill you.
**** it all. **** this world. **** everything that you stand for. dont belong. dont exist. dont give ****. dont ever judge me. and dont you ****ing judge me

werd homes
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My hats off to you mr. lanzaa and you can put this in your sig

M en
E jaculating
T o
A wful
L yrics
**** the system
**** social norms.... being naked in public is illeagil? like wtf. if i wanna be naked in public, it's my choice, and if people don't like it, then they can just ignore me.

sorry for any grammer , im quite shniized righ now haha
Posting in epic thread.

**** those girls at that ****ing school! They're all a bunch of stuck up, spoiled like brats getting lexus's for their ****ing birthdays!! **** them all!!!!!!!!!!111
"We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment"

Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
Quote by Pedalboard
Posting in epic thread.

**** people who post in the epic thread just to post in the epic thread!

My things:
Bowes SLx7
Washburn WG587
Washburn X40Pro
Washburn X50
Washburn HM24
Washburn WR150
Laguna LE200s
Arietta Acoustic
First Act
Valveking 112
VHT Deliverance

**** my knee. Seriously, it hurts like a bitch right now, and I have no idea why.
Quote by paranoideyes
**** rap lovers

Fuck yourself.
Quote by ZanasCross
I'm now so drunk that even if my mom had given me a blow job at aeg 2, i'd be like I'm a pmp, butches.!

If this even madkes sense... if yhou sig this, Iw ll kill you.
F*** People who believe that the original metal was the best and no new metal or metalcore can EVER compete. There is PLENTY of good metal and metalcore out there RIGHT NOW!!!
"A guitar is the human soul, speaking with just six strings..."- Eddie Lee
Quote by webbtje
You wish. She probably thinks you're a Stalin/Hitler hybrid... Stitler
In fact, from now on, I'm going to call you Stitler.

Quote by rushmore

it's always nice to find a new reason to smile
f*ck YEAH this thread is just what i wanted

f*ck doing favors for people and them never returning them
f*ck b1tches get money
f*my headache it's killing me here
OH and a big huge F*CK to AP and IB testing. motherf*cking 5 days of this testing and i feel like death.
Quote by yellowfrizbee
lmao XxGloriousxX is a genius

Quote by Pinky19
You guys fail. Except for you Glorious. You win.

Once again.
Quote by Guitarfreak777
I would shoot them to death yes, but trying to aim for non-leathal, hoping they live.

which one is it Guitarfreak777?
**** yourself with a rubber hose
Stick it in your mouth and down your throat
Up your nose and in your heinie hole
I don't care where it goes
And it don't matter if you're straight or gay
You should **** yourself anyway
Now, you don't have to listen to a word I say
But I know you, you'll be humpin' away
**** yourself with your neighbor's nose
If you can't use that, use a 10-foot pole
Stick it up your ass and go for a stroll
Everyone will know you've been to this show
If you can't take, eat my stool
Masturbate with some crazy glue
I don't care what you do
Fock yourself with a garden tool
**** yourself with politics
Ahh they're full of ****in' ****in' ****
I mean you know we've been lied to ever since we were born
It's amazing that we've been getting ****ed that long
**** yourself with the world wide web
Man you could ride that sucker right from your bed
You may even meet a Tom, Dick, Jane or Billy
Then grab onto your modem and **** yourself silly
**** yourself with your heart and soul
Give it everything you got, hey I'm talkin' to you
If you can't even **** yourself,
How ya gonna **** somebody else?
**** yourself with my microphone
I'll give it to you later when we're all alone
We can turn it up loud
And see if you come, but
Don't get your jizz on my microphone
**** yourself with organized religion
Now that is some seriously sinnin' business
If the Lord sees their pathetic crimes
He'll be ****in' them 'til the end of time
And can someone explain to me this racist crap
I know it isn't white, but it isn't black
And to all you people who only see things your way
Well, you can suck my dick and take all day
**** your nose with a pound of blow
Watch your money get up and go
but when you burnt your brain and you say
I don't know!
I hate to tell you but I told you so
**** yourself with this grunge rock noise
I mean, stuff those albums in your groin
They come down on me because I know how to play -
Hey... **** you!
**** yourself with a copy of Rolling Stone
Or are they too holy for your holiest of holes
Now those people think they're holier than Moses
But aren't they just a bunch of ****in' posers
**** yourself with your mother's jewelry
I won't tell, I ain't a stooly
If you pounce hard enough you'll cough up a ruby
Your blood will be rich and so will your doodie
**** yourself with the latest fashion
With your spikes and your hair and those cute little buttons
And if you happen to have some leather and lace
**** yourself 'til you're blue in the face
**** yourself with your income tax
They're ****ing you and that's a fact
Before you know it your money's all spent
And you've just been ****ed by the government
**** yourself with your lawyer friend
You're the only one that's getting ****ed in the end
I have been so ****ed by legal bills
that my asshole is the size of Beverly Hills
**** yourself with your full-length sweater
With your minks and your diamonds and your Irish Setter
With your cash and your trash and your sinks and your drinks
Just **** yourself 'til you can't even think
Those of you who enjoy this song
thank you thank you, I love you
Let's get it on
But for those of you who are totally outraged
**** yourself with your face

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F*ck tha police, coming straight from the undergroung...
F*ck me...
I've seen some things man and some stuff, and i don't recommend it
F*ck f*ck.

Quote by ScreamAim&Fire

XxLloydxX for president!
Even though I'm english..

Want to hear Super Mario Bros Theme on electric rock guitar? SuperMarioBro

Ultra Win
Quote by GnR_ROK

“A baby’s on the way.”

I could kick you in the stomach
And catch you unawares
I could swear to God you accidentally
Fell that flight of stairs
Fuck school
Fuck stupid jock motherfuckers
Fuck it
Quote by triple_X_maniac

lol jk we suck


**** me
''Technological advancements are like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.'' - Albert Einstein
Fuck term papers.
Quote by Mike Birbiglia
I went to the doctor, and they found something in my bladder. And whenever they find something, it's never anything good like, "We found something in your bladder AND IT'S SEASON TICKETS TO THE YANKEES!!

Do you folks like folk?
**** jacob ****ing toth who isnt good at ****ing anything. **** all the people that say hes ****ing amazing but he ****ing isnt. **** him for towering over me at everything, playing violin, guitar, trumpet, piano and voice ****ing better than me. **** him being a poster boy for virtuosity. **** him for not living up to it
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