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hey i know theres been tons of threads on this but im getting mine out on friday and im ****ing scared. i've been worrying so much that im sick to my stomach. can someone tell me their experiance and if its not as bad as im thinking it is? or is it as bad and im just screwed? thanks
You bleed alot and you get nice happy pills (vicadin for me anyways)

But its not that bad. shure.. you cant run or anything for a week or two but it gets better
You can't imagine how much blood will pour down non-stop. The dentist will twist the tooth and it will hurt as if you were burning in hell.

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It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. During the procedure I regained consciousness but could not move a muscle, and I felt all of the pain throughout the entire operation.

Hope this helps.
I got mine cut out on last Friday and I got put under for it. I woke up, couldn't feel my face.. .I could feel my face... but I couldn't... FEEL my face (hahaha...). Got back to my room, popped a loritab, and went to sleep. I bled a little and it was weird to eat (I suggest milkshakes or Ensure or something like that for a day or two and then progress). I'm doing fine now. No biggie.
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It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. During the procedure I regained consciousness but could not move a muscle, and I felt all of the pain throughout the entire operation.

Hope this helps.

dude are you serious? is this common? holy ****
ok, i've never had my wisdom teeth taken out, but my fiance has, and honestly, she was scared sh!tless about it.
and her dentist wasn't a prick, and let her have someone be with her when they did it, so he asked me, and being the horny 18-year old i was, i said yes.
so i guess the moral of this story is, get your girlfriend/mom/ significant other to hold your hand while its getting done
think of it like taking an ice-pic and stabbing it into your gums and then imagine how much blood was in that scene from "The Shining" and it's kind of like that.

have fun!

fakeedit: i had 6 btw, how many do you have?
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Yeah, I'd rather be put under to get mine out. Local anasthetics never seem to work on me. Like that time I got a lumbar puncture
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dude are you serious? is this common? holy ****

thats like extremely rare. Buuuuut, you have to get them out or your teeth start to grow funny or something around that
dude, seriously, even though i have yet to feel this pain (and don't worry, I'll have to get mine out eventually) but be a frickin' man and take the pain. turns the chicks on....and your fiance too :P
I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I've run through nearly the entire gamut of dental procedures, though I've yet to have my wisdom teeth pulled. But to be honest, and based on what I've seen, it's not that bad.

You are either put to sleep, given nitrous oxide, or a really powerful numbing agent. It varies between offices, and sometimes they let you choose. Depending on what stage your wisdom teeth are at depends on the work done. If they're not even out yet, they peel away the gum and work it out; a deeper tooth extraction, if you will.

I've heard that if they're fully grown out, they have to go deeper and break off where the teeth are joined to the jaw, though I wouldn't be able to verify this. Again, this is just what I've heard.

Dentists are supposed to do their job while providing you with as little pain as possible. Hopefully, you've chosen a dentist you trust and whose work you like.

Eating will be a little difficult for the first few days, and you might be in a bit of pain. The overall effort is worth the investment now. It prevents your teeth from crowding, and saves you the possibility of your wisdom teeth wearing away and becoming painful at an older age.
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dude, seriously, even though i have yet to feel this pain (and don't worry, I'll have to get mine out eventually) but be a frickin' man and take the pain. turns the chicks on....and your fiance too :P

i've dealt with tons of pain probably worse than this but just then whole idea of it makes me sick.
I'm getting mine out in july and I really am not that worried about it. Just relax man, blood is blood, that's it, nothing bad can happen but some temporary pain.
Did'nt the dentist ask you if you wanted to be knocked out?If he did'nt I would be scared.My dentist gave me the nitros for an extra $50 and I woke up numb,but it did not really hurt.Then I got to enjoy the Vicotins on my personal time.
It wasn't that bad for me. They put me under for the procedure (I didn't even know they were going to, they just did), and afterwards it wasn't too bad. My cheeks were swollen, and I lived off of soup and Ensure protein drinks for two weeks, but it didn't exactly hurt.
Enjoy the drugs they give you while it's legal. They gave me too much nitrous and it screwed me up bad, when I woke up from surgery my mom had nine heads and I thought the doc was an alien dissecting me. No I am not making this up. Then I had a ton of Vicodin when I got home, and I proceeded to fly into the never-never land of pleasure.

Hell, I would get my Wisdom teeth out every weekend if I could, it makes for a fun time!
It's not that bad at all. Once they knock you out its a cakewalk, and only takes about 30 minutes. And the drugs they give you are great.
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dont worry about it its nothing. if they knock you out, you wake up all dizzy and stuff and then forget where you are and you have to pretty much fellaciate some gauze, thats it. eat pudding and ice-cream and jello and nap, fun fun fun. if they just numb your face up, you wont really "feel" it, but you WILL feel them hammering about in your mouth, relitively painless but you'll be fine. just dont worry about it.
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It's not bad. The stitches just ache, that's all. I hope you enjoy apple sauce and cottage cheese.
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awesome well i feel a bit better thanks guys. but i was just wondering... im getting them out at 12:30 on friday and i need to be back at school on monday. do you think i could go back or not?
Just had all 4 of mine taken out earlier today. The procedure wasn't that bad at all, but I feel like absolute crap right now. The pain meds haven't kicked in yet.
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They made me breathe in some gas, Nitrous Oxide, and it kinda knocks you out and puts you in a daze.
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I had mine out under general anesthetic, but I also had to have 7 'extra' wisdom teeth taken out (11 all up). I had no bleeding or swelling, I wasn't given any pain killers either, I didn't need them anyway. However, my oral surgeon was one of the best (this guy was qualified as a medical doctor, a dentist, a medical surgeon and an oral surgeon!), which probably explains why it worked out so well.
well after the procedure (i got all 4 out at once and they put me to sleep), you'll feel little change, maybe a bit sore in the mouth. After 2 days or so you'll have hamster cheeks and biting will hurt even with painkillers. But it's nothing bad. Honestly the "pain" isn't really that big, its just a rather annoying feeling. Funny thing is, every time you spit, for like a week, you'll be spitting blood. The most painful part was probably getting the stitches pulled out. You'll be fine though, like I said, it's more annoying than it is painful.
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It's no big deal, don't worry about it. I had my lower wisdom teeth removed recently. All the nurses there were super hot, and they put some IV thing in my arm and I was out in like 30 seconds. I wake up and didn't even know any time had passed and they were like "you're done!" and I felt loopy and had bloody gauze packed into where the teeth were pulled. My wife walked me out and told me later (I don't remember it) I was making stupid jokes to the nurses asking them if I could chew tobacco and stuff and laughing like a dork. My wife drove me home and there was really no pain and I never took any painkillers after getting home.

Had to eat applesauce and yogurt and stuff like that for a few days and gradually go back to solid food. It feels weird at first to have those big holes there where teeth used to be but you get used to it. Anyways no big deal, and no reason to worry about the procedure.
Oh yeah, you aren't supposed to lift weights or do anything physical for a week or so afterwards because it could bust the stitches. I got the biodegradeable stitches and didn't even have to go back in for stitch removal, they just dissolve after a couple weeks.
well that sucks because next tuesday i have to run a mile in a certain amount of time first thing in the morning for one of my classes
My sister just got hers taken out yesterday. She's been sore since then, and her mouth is swollen. Last night she puked up the blood that poured down her throat while they were taking them out.
You lucky bastard. First you start out on Nitrous, then they give you more drugs. I would get mine pulled if it didnt cost so damn much.
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im just hoping that once i get the nitrous everything will go by super fast. i really dont want to sit there waiting around
o dam my mom just checked me out of school and im going up their in 2 hours and im freakin out. can someone give me some tips or reassure me. thanks for all the help guys
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