I wrote this to only use two chords during the entire song. The words just came naturally. Only after looking at the lyrics after I had finished did I realize that I had subconsciously written it about my best friend who helped to "light my way."

Where are you, Illuminator?
Come on, light my way.
I've strayed too far from the trail,
and I've been lost all day.
Come, light my way.

Come to me, Illuminator.
Tell me, how've you been?
Life is hard, Illuminator,
in the land of sin.
Come, let me in.

Some advice, Illuminator.
Then I've got to leave;
keep your past with you.
Wear it like a sleeve.
Wear it like a sleeve.
Wear it like a sleeve...

"A Phone Call can Save a Life" [INCOMPLETE]

In my health class, a girl visited to talk about suicide and its effect on others. This was for her.

Your voice is still
on my answering machine and
I can't bring myself to delete it.
Because to do that,
I'd have to let it play through.

The desperate ferocity,
that pierces the silence,
broken only by the crackle of
the static just brings me
to tears, oh, I miss you...
How I miss you.

I can remember
As bright and clear as day
When you lay in my arms and you
sang me to sleep
and the warmth of your body
made life so much sweeter and

I can remember
How every day, you'd say,
"Baby don't ever change,
baby, don't ever leave me,"
I won't ever change, babe'
I won't ever leave you.

I'll have the second verse, chorus, and outro done sometime soon.

So, what do you all think?
They're both pretty good. Like the song structure. The second is a litle soft for my taste, but the lyrics convey your feelings well.
Hey man, I like the first it would work well acousticaly but, I love the second one. The first 2 stanzas are killer, actually, the whole thing is great. Well done.

I'm not sure if you can post two songs in one post though, it might be against the rules but I'm not totally sure.

Love the Low end