Lately ive been doing alot of singing and playing at the same time. One thing that seems to come up often, I change my pitch with the guitar. I also practice the singing while the guitar. Should I just practice them individually, and then put it together?
If you're like in a band and your play and sing, then do both at the same time since it's a lot harder than it looks when the songs get more complex.
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It's a lot harder than it looks when the songs get more complex.

Tell that to Geddy Lee....
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Practise together. I've "practised" talking on the phone while playing guitar since I can't sing
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That happens to everyone when they first start. The only way to overcome it is practice. Here's a tip - try to actually imagine your voice and your guitar as 2 seperate things. Take your mind off of what notes you're expecting to hear out of your guitar - block the noise out altogether, if you can. Know your song well, and let your fingers do the playing. Focus 99% of your attention onto keeping your voice on key while your fingers play. Beyond that, it just takes a lot of practice.