i have a recording software and im listening to some peoples covers and i dont know how they got there drums?

they may have made them or played them.

any good software out?
You can either get a drum program. Or you can get a drum kit, and mic each individual drum, and then put the cords through a mixer, that runs through whatever you're recording on. Its a pain to do really.
I use Hydrogen its like drum machine software which you can use to make drum patterns and record obviously via the stereomix
From what I have read and heard at stores and on posted music, ezdrummer is the best. I have a kit in my studio and spent alot of time tweaking eq's and mic positions. I dont have an issue with noise where I live, so we can bang on the drums all day. If I didnt have that privacy, then EzDrummer would be the one to use.
I use MIDI drums on Logic and just play them on my MIDI keyboard... they sound pretty realistic.... though I'm sure there is something better out there
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