where can i go to get custom logos.
i have recently built a BYOC fuzz/oct^ pedal and i have the name for it, i just need a logo. but now a sticker or something, is there a paint i can buy that they use on MXR pedals? you know, the really gooey feeling ones like the ZW-44 overdrive?
Either hand paint it with acrylic paints OR buy transparent copy paper, print it, and glue it to the box before you clear coat, which you need for both choices. Stencil might work, too.

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You could also ask from some shop that does vinyl stickers to be used in for example cars and advertising to cut you your logo. They often have small pieces left over that they have no use for and you may get it quite cheap. I had my guitar logo made in one of these places in the UK. 4 pcs was about $19 and that's including postage. They even made a CAD drawing out of my selfmade sketch of the logo.
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