Hey everyone. I mostly play metal and stuff, but now I'm try to find something new that I can play. I'm not sure how describe it but I kind of want something slow and cool sounding, I guess maybe soothing. Something I can use with the cool sounds of the GT-8 I just bought not too long ago. So the closest thing I could describe it as would probably be some sort of slow-ish techno or something...I'm just trying to try out something new other than the heavy stuff with all the distortion. Since I have no idea where to even start looking for music like this to be played on guitar, I'm turning to you guys for some direction. Thanks if you even make an attempt to help me out.
For inspiration, I'd recomend the Crystal Method CD "Vegas".

Its full of cool sounds and arrangements, and above all, its fun to listen to.

Using the GT-8, you can probably come up with a lot of very cool tones as well. Using my GT-3, I actually have a couple of patches that don't even require that my guitar is plugged in.

If you're looking to expand your rig, you can get a Roland GI-20 Midi interface, GK-2 pickup, and your choice of synth module.
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awesome thanks, I listened to some stuff by them and it's close to what I'm looking for
The GI-20 interface is something I've been looking at for at least 5 years.

I want it so bad, but I don't want to use the big and somewhat laggy GK pickup. So until I buy or build a strat with piezos and a 13-pin out, no synth goodness for me
我会关闭我的耳朵,和我的心; 我会变成一个石头
"I will close my ears and my heart and I will be a stone"
if you're looking for an effect try the digitech synth wah. its an envelope filter. may give you some of those trippy/space sounds if that is what you're looking for
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alright, but does anyone know any music (with tabs would be very nice) to get me started?
Part of the fun with things like this (IMO at least) is figuring out your own part

As for additional music, you could try older NIN, and KMFDM. That might work for you
我会关闭我的耳朵,和我的心; 我会变成一个石头
"I will close my ears and my heart and I will be a stone"
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