So my friend and I were talking today, and the Epi BB came up because of it's H/H/H design. We both came to the conclusion that it would have a great tonal variance with a 5 way switch, but wouldn't it suffer a ton of sustain loss because of all the magnets dampening the strings?

Also, my friend is considering buying this now. He is kind of an active pickup freak, really loves EMG's. So we were thinking do an 81/85/60, from bridge to neck. Anybody think this would work? I don't think I've ever heard of an 85 in the middle position, I know there was a forum around here where someone switch the 81/85 on their guitar to 85/81, and they said it sounded terrible. So would an 85 in the middle sound terrible? Also if he got blackouts would he put another neck or bridge in the middle?

Thanks for the help .
imo, 3Hs hurt the sustain, the middle pup gets in my way a little, and i dont really feel there's a ton of tonal variety making up for the disadvantages.

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i know someone who had one...it sucked. he traded it for a standard LP ...and then ended up taking out the middle pickup....But he may have just sucked.
why not put a switch in for the middle pickup?
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the one reason i would even get a BB would be to get a neck, bridge and sustainer!

but even then i might as well just get a guitar with a bridge and sustainer..that isnt suck
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