So, I've decided to upgrade me MIM Standard Strat(Fender). I warped the hole for the whammy bar, so i figure on just replacing it with another stock tailpeice, lest it would be better for something else (Which any suggestions are needed and appreciated).

As for the pickups, I'm looking for pickups that when in bridge position can be very clear and bright; With all pickups activated, i would like it to sound like 'take this Hurt off Me' by the small faces, or like the solo in "I Got A Line on You' By Spirit;Neck Position would need to sound mellow, bluesy and jazzy.

I play alot of genres, from Folk, to Psychedelic, To Jazz, to Hard Rock, so my setup would do well being versitale. All suggestions and comments appreciated.
what kind of amp do you have? before you cash in on pups and if you don't have a nice tube amp, consider buying a Fender Blues Jr. or something else around that price range.