Ok so me and two other guys started a band and after going through two or three drummers who kept quiting we some how got the drummer we have now (I had another guy who had been in a previous band with one of the guitarist so we knew he was good). Nobody heard him play before he joined and he is way behind everyone else in playing abilty. He can only play short little fills and knows one song.

Despite being behind all of us in playing abilty he has taken up a leader role making a lot descions without asking anyone esle such as replacing our singer with his girlfriend and almost signing us up for a talent show after only a few practices. He also wants us to help pay for his instrument (Right now he got something along the lines of a Wal-Mart brand drum set). I don't really want to give him money as I've got my own intrument to pay for.

He also shows off a lot such as playing when other people our talking. It took like 10 tries just to try and get everyone to play a song together. I'm not sure really what to do he a nice guy, but kinda unfair for everyone esle to be held back by him(We've all been playing for atleast 3 plus years and his 2 or 3 months of playing). I might be the only one to want to let him go, but know every isn't happy with the singer thing.

But the thing that set me over the edge was was a few questions he asked me, what's the 4 over the 4 mean? What do the beeps on the metornome mean? I understand these our questions everyone has probably wonder or ask at some point, but to be in a band and be at this stage of learning seems like jumping the gun way to early.

Am I out of line with this, what do you guys think and how could we let him go without being harsh?
Sounds like he is working really hard and really wants this to happen. I would tell him your concerns before you fire him, unless you really think he is dragging you guys down. Also take the seriousness of the situation into account too. If you guys are about to hit the big time then yes get rid of him but you are just screwing around, teach him and have fun with being in a band it ain't about being the best.
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I woundn't say were really hitting it big its only been like two months, but I find it less satistifing playing together when we all learned songs like Raining Blood, but in the end only being able to play Smells Like Teens Sprit. But yeah I guess I'll wait and see if he gets better.
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Is he trying to improve? If so you may just want to wait and see how fast he's progressing. If he's really not trying to better himself at playing his instrument, then I'd start looking for someone else. As long as he can keep decent time, he's ok for the time being. The fills and all of the stuff with more finesse just comes from playing more.

If you say he's a nice guy then just confront him about all the decisions he's making. Say that a band is a group effort and everything from small decisions like picking a new song to learn to replacing a singer should always be brought up with the band first.

And don't worry about the questions he asked. There are many players that never bothered to look at the timing of the piece. And I hate using metronomes and probably wouldn't know what to do with one if my teacher didn't make me use one.

Good Luck!
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if you all hate him changing the singer then why did you let him do it?

sounds like hes just trying to take the initiative

If you and the rest of the band don't like what he does, out-vote him and tell him it's a 'band' decision.